Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my house number?

Orders generally ship within 9-14 working days of your order being confirmed. Personal communication will be maintained to keep you updated on the progress of your order.

For more information, see our shipping policy.

How durable is my house number?

Our Commitment to Quality

All our products are manufactured (unless otherwise specified) using either stainless or mild steel. These materials are highly durable and can last a lifetime with proper cleaning and care.

Coastal Areas and Corrosion

Due to our commitment to quality we properly treat and coat all our products in order to prevent rusting and corrosion. With proper cleaning and care, your house number can last a lifetime.

However, due to coastal weather conditions, rust and corrosion are inevitabilities when installing any sort of metal fixtures in coastal areas. For this reason, we recommend stainless steel for house numbers that will be installed in coastal areas.

Do you do custom designs?

Yes, we do custom designs on request. Feel free to contact us and we will gladly assist you to create the design of your choice.

Which fixing method should I use for my house number?

In most cases, we recommend using stand-off brackets when mounting your house number (which are included in your order, unless otherwise specified). These brackets create a gap between the wall and the house number. This method helps to prevent accumulation of dirt behind your house number and eases cleaning. It also provides for the possibility of adding LED lighting to the back of your house number.

Which payment methods do you accept?

You can pay via PayFast or a bank deposit.

When an order is placed and the bank deposit option is selected, but payment isn’t made within 21 days, the order will be cancelled.

In which areas are installations available?

We offer installations at a standard rate of R520 in Gauteng. For all other regions within South Africa, special arrangements can be made that may incur additional costs.

How do I clean my house number?

All our products are coated for increased durability and resistance against the elements. This also eases the cleaning process, which consists of simply taking a damp cloth and any suitable cleaning agent and wiping any dirt/grease from your house number.

If your house number has a brushed finish, wipe gently with the grain.

Which design changes may occur when my sign is manufactured?

To ensure laser cut compatibility, quality and durability, some minor changes may be made to the design of your house number. These include:


When your design is cut, certain elements need to be joined to the rest of the steel sheet. An example would be the centre piece of an “o”, which would otherwise be disconnected from the rest of the sign and would subsequently fall out. 

Edge bends

In order to preserve your house number’s strength by improving its rigidity, larger house numbers are sometimes cut and bent on the edges. This will lower the odds of the house number being damaged during transport and installation.

Proper alignment

Customization of your house number on our online store sometimes causes some letters or words to not align correctly. We slightly adjust the alignment to ensure that we deliver a top quality house number to our customers.

Powder-Coating Colour

Your chosen powder-coating colour may vary slightly from the preview shown on the site. Feel free to enquire for real-life examples or view our gallery.

How does the process work?

Order and Confirmation

First, your order is placed and confirmed.

On the website, this is accomplished by choosing one of our wide range of designs, customizing it to your liking, and making payment.

If you want to create a completely custom design, order confirmation will commence once you are satisfied with the design and payment is made.


Once the order has been confirmed, any necessary alterations for laser-cut compatibility are made and a cut file is prepared.

The house numbers are then laser-cut.


All our signs are sent for coating. Mild steel and standard stainless steel are coated with the colour of your choice, while our brushed stainless steel house numbers are given a clear coat for protection against the elements.

Quality Control

Upon receiving the house numbers from the powder coaters, we inspect the product to confirm if it has been coated to specifications and our standards of quality. If an error was made or if it doesn’t live up to our desired quality standards, the signs are sent back to be re-coated. This may cause a delay in delivery.


Your items are delivered to you with all the necessary fixings to mount it to your wall, or if you requested installation, we install the house number for you.

Does installation include electrical connect of backlighting?

No, we do not connect the lighting. While we can provide backlighting for your house numbers, we recommend getting a professional electrician to connect the lighting.